Sound Baths

We offer a range of different sound bath experiences, from small personal group bookings at our very own sound sanctuary to public sound baths and even Beach Sunrise Sound Baths.

If you would like to join us for a sound bath please look at our event calendar for available dates and book online with us today to secure your place, or sign up for our monthly newsletter where we announce all our events.

Members of our mailing list get special early bird access to events, and with many of our events selling out you’ll want to get in quick!

1:2:1 Treatments

Sound Baths are fantastic for regular sound massage therapy for general well being. However if you have more pressing concerns, needs or issues you wish to get more specialised treatment for then we recommend our 121 treatment sessions. 

In our 121 treatments we can really work with you to identify areas which require attention and help you to relax and enjoy the power of the bowls. We can also offer Crystal healing as an accompaniment to really strengthen and accelerate the process. 

We work with a variety of sound healing and vibrational therapy tools such as crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals tuning forks and pyramids, gongs and chimes.


Private Parties

Ever since Kim Kardashian had a sound bath for her baby shower everyone wants to know the power of sound healing. Kim had a gong bath which is a lot louder and can be more intense than the bowls, which are soothing, calming and still achieve the same relaxing and meditative state but at a much more comfortable decibel. 

Groups of up to 10 can now book our private Sound Sanctuary for personal parties and events, please contact us for availability and pricing.