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Embrace The Serenity In Life
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Embrace The Serenity In Life
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Embrace The Serenity In Life

Holistic Serenity are husband and wife duo, Nicole & Jay Shields. 

Both alternative & complimentary practitioners, they work both locally and globally, supporting clients with emotional, mental & physical well-being.

Known for leading group Soundbath meditations, Holistic Serenity are also an Accredited Training Provider with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, offering Certified Online Courses and Diplomas in Crystal Healing and workshops for Reiki and Soumd healing.

You can read Nicole & Jay’s individual stories below.

Nicole Shields alternative & complementary therapist

Nicole Shields

I think my journey to holistic therapies was in my blood from the moment of my birth. My Mum was an Accupuncturist, Physiotherapist, Reflexologist & Chinese Herbalist. I rarely saw conventional doctors as a child, as there was often a natural remedy in our house that meant I didn’t need western medical intervention. 

My dad was a Sports Physiotherapist and by the age of 12, I understood about meridian lines, the benefits of homepathy, cider vinegar and was familiar with the crystals that were dotted around our house. It’s of little suprise I ended up on this path really.

I have been a certified & insured Holistic Practitioner for over 14 years, having become attuned to Usui Reiki in 2006. However I  have been working with crystal healing and various forms of divination for well over 22 years. 

Reiki has very much been an intrinsic part of my life and led me on a wonderful journey and exploration of healing. I am a certified Reiki Master/ Teacher and a certified and insured practitioner in: Crystal Healing, Angelic Reiki, Sound Healing, Bach Flower Remedies and Indian Head Massage.

I studied with the College of Sound Healing and specialised in Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls as well as leading group Soundbaths. 

Working with crystals, sound & vibrational healing is my biggest passion in life and what I feel I was always meant to do. 

I have created Holistic Serenity Training, and we are an accredited training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine offering accredited and certified online courses and Diploma Course in crystal healing as well as our face to face Reiki Courses.

Alongside my holistic therapies, I have worked in the health & social care sector for over 15 years, having previously worked for local Social Services and later as a Deputy Care Manager,  specialising in Dementia and Palliative care which allowed to me gain a deep understanding of specialist care needs and how Holistic therapies can be of great benefit in transitional life phases.  I also own a Chair Fitness company supporting Dementia patients with mobility. 

In addition to providing Holistic therapies I also create natural, organic & vegan friendly aura and space cleansing sprays, Epsom and Himalayan bath salts and smudge kits infused with reiki, essential oils and sound healing as well as Bach Flower Remedies which are all available from this website as well as my Etsy store Holistic Serenity Shop. 

I lead divine feminine workshops aimed at empowering our inner femininity as well as workshops and mediation groups aimed at stress relief and creating inner wellness and enabling others to embrace their higher selves.

Male Massage & Complementary Therapist Southend-on-sea

Jay Shields

My journey to holistic therapies came a little later in life for me. My grandmother was both a psychic and a gifted medium. My uncle was a Shamanic practitioner who chose to live a life in tune with nature. So it does feel as though, I was always destined to walk this path. 

My biggest passion in life has always first and foremost, been music. I’ve sung in many bands, play drums, guitar and a little piano. 

Whilst I’d always had an open mind, it wasn’t really till I met my wife that my interest in holistic therapies peaked. 

I’m the first to admit, I was something of a sceptic initially. But as I witnessed my wife, Nicole work with clients living abroad, on other continents even, and accurately picking up on injuries during her distant Reiki sessions, and seeing the positive thanks and feedback she got, I really wanted to understand & learn more. 

This eventually led me to being attuned to Reiki myself. I was really motivated by thought of being able to make a positive difference to people’s lives. 

This in time led me to qualify as a Sports & Swedish Massage Therapist, Reiki & Crystal Healing Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Life Coach. My journey also led me back to my musical roots. 

I’ve completed Sound Healing workshops and host group Soundbath meditations with my wife. I work predominantly with hand pan drums, steel tongued drums as well as Shamanic drums.  I lead meditation groups into S